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October HĀ - Excellence

Each month, both the staff and students will be learning about Nā Hopena A‘o (HĀ.)
Nā Hopena A‘o (HĀ) is a Department-wide framework to develop the skills, behaviors and dispositions that are reminiscent of Hawaiʻi’s unique context, and to honor the qualities and values of the indigenous language and culture of Hawaiʻi.
This month we will focus on strengthening our sense of Excellence.

Please No Unhealthy Snacks in School

Aloha Parents,
Ka’ūmana Elementary School is an approved Blue Zone school. With this designation, we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating. Over the last month, we have noticed an increase in unhealthy snacks brought to school. There are students bringing in soda and candy as snacks and others eating bags of chips for lunch. All students are encouraged to bring healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, 100 calorie snacks, crackers and water. Sugary drinks and snacks are strongly discouraged. USDA suggests parents select foods with nutrients as much as possible including calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber. Mahalo for your support and for encouraging healthy eating habits.

Mrs. Tiffany Pratt
Ka’ūmana Elementary

Unity Day 2021

On October 20, 2021, Ka’ūmana Elementary will be joining organizations and communities across the nation, states, islands and our complex to stand together to prevent bullying. "Together with Aloha, we are UNITED for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.”

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wear at least 50% orange as a message of hope and support.

Grade 6 (because there's not enough room for more grade levels) students will be doing a socially distanced sign-waving in front of our school.

Why are we doing this?
Bring awareness and stand together to prevent bullying and be UNITED for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
To support others who have been hurt or harmed.
To treat others with kindness.
To be more accepting of people's differences.
To help include those who are left out.
To show we care about safe and supportive schools and communities.

REMINDER - Picture Taking Day is TOMORROW, September 29!

All students and staff will have their picture taken for school use such as ID cards, for database systems such as eTrition and Infinite Campus and for the school yearbook.

Staff and students must dress appropriately. Please do not wear any inappropriate clothing or headwear (i.e. hats.)
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