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School Meals (Menu, EZ School Pay, EZMealApp)

You may make a deposit to your child’s meal account if you do not qualify for free meals and you anticipate your child taking an extra milk or meal.

These are the current meal prices.  Prices are subject to change at any time.

Reduced meals: Breakfast - $0.30 Lunch - $0.40

Full Pay meals: Breakfast - $1.10 Lunch - $2.50

Extra milk: $0.90

Deposits may be made at the school office in cash or check (payable to Kaumana Elementary School).  You may also make deposits at or on the EZMEALAPP mobile app.

Notices will be sent home if the child has a negative balance in his/her account.  Phone calls home may also be made.  All negative balances must be paid off in a timely manner.